Berlin Dishes: Pump The Breaks! You Can Get What Kind Of Taco?!?

November 1, 2017|Gossip

Kreuzberg- This Friday, Santa Cantina, the popular taco joint holding down the Berlin Taco fort as it were, is bringing back an old favorite in honor of one of their beloved staff members, Ines, who is departing her post. Thats right, they are bringing back the Duck Carnitas. Mr. Eatler hasn’t been this excited since McDonalds brought back the McRib. Ines, though we will miss you, we thank you for your request nonetheless! Break it down for a second, its Duck confit, grilled until golden brown, and then topped with a tangy avocado salsa and duck chicharron. Ines, indeed it seems Shakespeare was right, parting, is such sweet sorrow. Check out the event here.

Simon Dach Strasse 22


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