Reviews Of The Day- Love For The Bone, Semantics For Colette

November 1, 2017|Reviews

Reviews of the day, we got one from Ex Berliner gaming the semantics, and one from Cee Cee declaring their love for The Bone, here it goes:

Mitte- First up in we have Cee Cee with their review of To The Bone, a contemporary Northern Italian restaurant specializing in meat dishes. Cee Cee was impressed with the plushy atmosphere and delicious cuts of animal flesh, stating “a night at To The Bone presents a divine dining experience that has swept us off our feet.” Check out the full post here

Charlottenburg- Next up we have Ex Berliner with their review of Brasserie Collette Tim Raue, a French brasserie in Charlottenburg on Passauer Str. Ex Berliner was impressed with what they deemed another smashing success from Berlin local Tim Raue who can apparently do no wrong. Their final verdict:

The verdict: who cares about authenticity when creativity can make up for it? And on our visit, Raue’s team of chefs proved to us they could pull it off.

Which seems a bit like a backhanded compliment if you ask some writers in town. Perhaps the spectrum between authenticity and creativity has somehow eluded Mr. Eatler all together?  Check out their full post here

Thats it for the reviews of the day,

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