Berlin Restaurant Openings- Cino-Bar Grand Opening, Plus One We Missed

November 1, 2017|Openings


Openings Rundown- We got some heat going on in the Kreuz/Kölln realm with one interesting concept that Mr. Eatler might have missed and one joint that went from being a softy to a full on hardy… get your minds out of the gutter, its a grand opening!!

NeuköllnZip Berlin, what looks to be an all day breakfast restaurant serving up food in jars, a decidedly intriguing method of food transport, has recently opened on Pannierstraße. Sounds like a hipster gimmick, but with a 5 out of 5 stars average based on 22 reviews on facebook, Zip seems to be wowing its customers with their dishes and chic design. It opened up earlier this summer and somehow escaped Mr. Eatler’s grasp but food in jars could very well be the seed of an early resto trend? 

Pannierstraße 57 

Kreuzberg- Eiszeit, cocktail bar and cinematic hangout joint that had a somewhat paradoxical “Grand Soft Opening” last month is now growing into a legit “Grand Hard Opening” and is holding an event in about two weeks to celebrate the occasion. The joint itself has been around for a while but shut down, changed peeps and reopened after a renovation and is connected to the actual Eiszeit Kino movie theatre. Check out the event here.

Zeughofstraße 20,

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