Top Ten-er- Indian Joints On The Rise According To DW

October 31, 2017|Reviews

Top Ten-er- As most of Berliners well know, you can’t walk 50 meters without passing a Vietnamese restaurant or döner joint, thankfully Mr. Eatler might add. But according to the Deutsche Welle this might be changing, as Indian food is on the rise. Deutsche Welle highlighted four of what they deem to be the best that Berlin has to offer in the pappadam and vindaloo department: Calcutta, dubbed “Berlin’s oldest Indian restaurant”, Chutnify dubbed “Coolest kid on the block”, Amrit dubbed “Biggest player on the field” and India Club, dubbed “Newest addition to the game.”

Now that Indian restaurants have “officially” been called out as a trend, does this mean we will see more joints opening up?  Amrit in Mitte just closed a couple of months ago but the other branches seem to be going strong… As for India Club at the Adlon, lets see what happens as they only opened a few months ago. But as far as trends go, BRING ON THE INDIAN!!!! 


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