Events Of The Week- Some Non Halloween Connected Events

October 31, 2017|Events

Events Of The Week– Looking for some events unrelated to the Day of the Dead? 

In WeddingOffside – Pub & Whisky Bar is hosting Offside Whisky Tasting this Friday in Wedding. Which whiskies are up for the tasting? Linkwood (Speyside) 1998-2017 Rotweinfinish G&M 45%, Dalwhinnie (Highlands) 25y OA 52,1%, Glengoyne (Highlands) 2001-2017 Sherry Cadenhead 58,2%, Tobermory (Islands) 22y Bourboncask Maltbarn 53,4%, Caledonian (Lowlands) Single Grain 28y 87-16 52,6% Kirsch and Laphroaig (Islay) SMWS 29.228 20y 1996-2017 50,8%. Come by, and get your lips wet. And if you want to know more statistics and percentages, read more about the event here.

In Prenzlauer Berg– From October 5 to December 31st, Korean restaurant Kochu Karu is hosting SingMahl, a four course meal created by José Miranda Morillo, who fuses Korean and Spanisch flavors in the kitchen, along with opera singer Bini Lee. Sounds great, but at 64€ per person, this dinner aint cheap, then again, its like dinner and an opera. Read more about the event here.

In Neukölln– Tomorrow Nowhere Kitchen, D.Collective and Sari-Sari bei Pepe und Freunde invite you to co-eat with them and re-imagine a meeting place where work, leisure and eating exist simultaneously. Sounds like a veritable eden of sorts… too good to be true? Not for Mr. Eatler to say. Read more about the event here.

In Friedrichshain- Salami Social Club besides having the greatest name any social club has ever had, is launching their new menu today. Word has it they have increased their vegetarian options and also have some nice new salami-based pizzas. Read more about the event here.

Make sure you send Mr. Eatler your events for next week’s events of the week…

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