Berlin Restaurant Openings- Detox In Char-burg, Cosmo In Schöneberg

October 30, 2017|Openings

Openings Rundown- We got one joint performing the detox in Charlottenburg, and one doing cosmopolitan cuisine in Schöneberg. Here it goes:

CharlottenburgYaz Up, a bistro and smoothie bar will be opening up on Neue Kantstr. In Charlottenburg. They serve Juice, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Detox… yup, Detox… Signs of the long awaited Charlottenburg hipsterification perhaps? Not likely, but Char-burg is definitely gaining some new hip-star contours

Neue Kantstr. 32

SchönebergFrederic Bistro & Lounge with an intriguing subtitle of “the somewhat different bistro”  has opened this October in Schöneberg on Meraner Str. This place is serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner for moderate price with a sort of centro-euro cuisine comprising of some pastas, some sausages, and some quiches.

Meraner Str. 20


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