Reviews Of The Day- Selig Backhander, Night Kitchen Love

October 30, 2017|Reviews

More love for Night Kitchen, a backhander for Selig, don’t worry Selig, Mr. Eatler is there for you… Here they are, the reviews of the day…

First up in Mitte- Finding Berlin with a review of Night Kitchen. Despite being located in Mitte, a neighbourhood Finding Berlin openly despises, this mediterranean restaurant was apparently a big hit with Finding Berlin. Especially impressed with the “dinner with friends” concept.

Next up in Neukölln- Tip Berlin with their review of Selig Berlin. Tip found the new “instagram hotspot” decent, with a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The cause of a less than perfect review came down to dishes they felt had too little salt and lacked that little something extra that takes a dish from okay to brilliant. (Oh, a tad prickly are we, TIP?) Still, Tip found this to be a nice spot to meet in a part of Neukölln that is slowly resembling present day Prenzlauer Berg.


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