Job Search- Mitte, Weisensee, Get To Work…

October 27, 2017|Gossip

On The Hunt! Mitte, Weisensee, Here it goes:

Mitte- The Visit is looking for managerial help for their location in Mitte! If you are interested in becoming a manager for a cafe that specializes in house-roasted specialty coffee and have experience working in the gastro industry, this offer might be worth looking into. As long as you don’t mind throwing down with the tourist crowd and making those tourist tips then it might be a go.   

Unter den Linden 28a

Weisensee- Babuschka, a cafe located in Weisensee, opposite St. Joseph’s church, is looking for a weekend cook to prepare breakfasts who is experienced, stress resistant and well-organised. Because you know that wild Sunday morning church crowd gets pretty rowdie if they don’t get their eggs’n bakey… 

Behaimstr. 32 



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