The Drive By!- Vegans On Wheels & Big Stuff Smoker

October 27, 2017|Reviews

The Drive By! Two Vegans and a Smoker… it ain’t the start of a bad joke or a funky orgy… its the Dive By… Here goes:

First up, we have Falafel Dream 2010, the best kind of dream there is, located on Müllerstraße in Wedding. Falafel Dream 2010 is serving up healthy and high-quality vegan falafel for a decent price. Looking for your falafel fix? Then check them out here.

Müllerstraße 14A

Next up is Big Stuff Smoked BBQ on Eisenbahnstraße in Kreuzberg. Mr. Eatler has briefly mentioned them before in a post about Berlin Food Stories’ favorite finds in Markthalle Neun, but a  re-mention is warranted for the Drive By. Big Stuff serves up the slowest cooked BBQ around, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43 

And last but certainly not least is strEats , a vegan street food truck that serves up grilled sandwiches, mini cheesecakes and other snacks. Oh, and strEats actually drives around to two different locations in Berlin, like a proper food truck should. Check them out here.

Address: Wednesdays and Fridays: Spittelmarkt, Mitte from 10AM – 2:30PM

Thursdays:: Wittenbergplatz, Schöneberg from 10AM – 4PM

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