Reviews Of The Day- Gimmicks, Dickens, & Finger Lickens

October 27, 2017|Reviews

Want to know what your favourite Berlin sources have to say about Good Banks, Timber Doodle and Bricole? Well Mr. Eatler did… we got some gimmicks, some victorian stylings and some tapas, here are the reviews of the day…

First up is Zitty with their review of Good Bank, an indoor farm-to-table restaurant. Zitty gave them rave reviews, with a food rating of 5 out of 5 and an atmosphere rating of 4-5. Good Bank did lose two stars on the price, as this place isn’t exactly cheap. But then again, gimmicks (however good or bad) never are.    

Next is Tip with their review of Timber Doodle, a bar in Friedrichshain. With an overall rating of 4 out of 5, Tip was impressed with this Dickensian bar, it’s charming service, immaculate drinks and ability to transport its guests right back to the Victorian era (sans The Black Death, of course).  

And lastly, is Mit Vergnügen with their review of Bricole, a bar on Senefelderstraße who were blown away by the finger-licking good tapas, dubbing the joint a paradise for french appetizers. Important note: vegans and vegetarians, this place is NOT for you.



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