Berlin Restaurants Closings: Competition Getting Stiff In Popular Hood

October 26, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown- Popular areas show signs of competition getting stiff, two in Kreuzberg…

KreuzbergFalco Nero, an italian restaurant, cafe and beer garden is up for grabs. Located on Paul-Linke-Ufer, perhaps location location location didn’t play a huge part here as everybody and their mamma seems to be opening joint on the “UF.” Perhaps it was the thickening layers of competition… Dined here recently? hit up the tip line and let us know your thoughts.

Paul-Linke-Ufer 17 (Forster Strasse)

KreuzbergCafé Kremanski on Adalbertstraße is looking for someone to take their place. It’s unknown why Café Kremanski is throwing in the towel, but one has to wonder if being tucked away inside the tunnel-y bit of Adalbertstraße directly off of Kotti has negatively affected business.  

Adalbertstraße 96

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