Berlin Restaurant Closings: Stieglitz, Tiergarten, Club – Gastro Transitions

October 25, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown- The sadness continues. We got one in Stieglitz, and one in Tiergarten… another one for the maturation of the Berlin resto scene, a club to gastro transitions…

Stieglitz- Cheerio Berlin, your typical Berlin jack-of-all-trades Restaurant, Cafe, Cocktailbar, Lounge and Club on Erlenstr. is looking for someone to take the joint off their hands. This listing is MASSIVE with 180 square meters spanning across two floors and a terrace. This place was partially being used at a club, meaning it’s relatively safe to assume Cheerio had some kind of noise permit. So with clubs closing left and right in the heart of Berlin, maybe it’s time to test your luck with this space. Lets chalk this up to the latest trend, clubs turning into restaurants…. 

Erlenstr. 19

Schöneberg- Atlantic Fischrestaurant, a (duh) fish joint on Martin-Luther-Straße is looking to jump ship (shoot me in the face for that pun.) Central to Innsbrucker Platz and the corner of Hauptstr, the location has decent regular traffic in the afternoons. Mildly intriguing stonemasonry architecture. Not into fish? No problem. It’s current owners are open to different concepts as well.   

Martin-Luther-Straße 134


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  1. I think you will find Martin-Luther-Str./Inssbruckerplatz is Schöneberg rather than Tiergarten. Cheerio.

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