Journalists And Restauranteur Trade Insults: Hildmann Saga Continues

October 25, 2017|Gossip

Charlottenburg- The Hildmann saga continues as the media proficient restaurateur re-energizes the spectacle around his provocative persona and his recently derided restaurant. For those who havn’t been following what has been happening with Hildmann’s vegan shop: it was recently butchered by a critic over at the Tagesspiegel. Following that Hildmann publicly decried the journalist as a farce and banned all Morgenpost scribes from his shop, to which some replied “boo hoo.”

Now Hildmann has rescinded the offer and invites members of the press to a taste test with a stipulation. If the majority of the journalists prefer a standard carnivore burger to his vegan version he will give in and eat a full steak in front of the cameras. The publicity game continues and Hildmann proves again that he is not one to pass up an opportunity to get some screen time. Check out the bet here

Schillerstraße 71


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