Reviews Of The Day- Fish Love & Wild Claims

October 24, 2017|Reviews

The Reviews Of The Day, some fish appreciation and some wild claims, we got one from Mit Vergnügen, one from Berlin Loves You, and one from Berliner Zeitung…

First up, Neukölln- Moksa, the newish Indian joint that is winning fans all around including the peeps from Berlin Loves You. They grant that they have been Indian heavy as of late with a bunch of places opening up, but the interview yields some interesting insights from Moksa owner who talks about what makes Moksa different. Check out the full post here.

Next up, Charlottenburg- Funky Fisch Next To Ryotei 893 that opened up about two months ago got some love from Mit Ver that commented on the menu and the general direction of the joint, all while paying their respects to the growing meme of Duc Ngo being the Don of Kantstrasse. But with nine joints, isn’t he though? Check out the full post here.

Next up, way out in Rummelsburg- Gode Wind, a boat house restaurant got more than a love letter from Berliner Zeitung who makes a wild claim at the start of their criticism, claiming that:

For most of the theme restaurants – whether they are floating, dark or full of artistic interludes – you have to cut down on the quality of your food. Not so on the Gode Wind. -Berliner Zeitung-

As if to say that one must focus on food or expreince but one must always suffer for the other. Nevertheless they give Gode Wind a very good review and reccomend as one of their top choices for the new year. Check out the full post here

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