Berlin’s World Record: Biggest Döner In The World…. Yeah, That’s Where We Are

October 24, 2017|Awards

Berlin has just made the Guinness Book of World Records for serving up the biggest döner in the world. Boy oh boy, Moses Mendelssohn and Heinrich Heine must be looking on with abject pride. Has ever a sandwich managed to capture the banality of spectacle so profoundly? Mr. Eatler’s opinion is nay. 

Last week, Radiostation 98.8 Kiss FM took on the challenge to break the 2004 world record for the largest Döner, which hailed from Australia and weighed in at an impressive 413 Kilograms. Berlin broke the record, producing their own monster at 423,5 Kilograms. The entire döner actually weighed in at around a ton but sadly broke during the weighing process. It was then split into two pieces, the bigger of which was enough to break the 2004 record. Indeed, what a crock of… döner? 

The Döner was prepared in a classic style with döner meat, red and white cabbage, and sauce.  After the weigh in, the döner was cut into pieces and shared for free with around 400 onlookers. You can read about this crock of… döner here.



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