Job Search: Moabit, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Young Peeps

October 23, 2017|Gossip

On The Hunt! Mainly for the young crowd…

MoabitZur Grünen Fliese, a student bar on Emdener Strasse in Moabit catering to the frat boy in all of us and featuring board games, dart tournaments, and beer is looking to beef up their staff. And guess what? No experience is necessarily needed! Just have to be able to dodge a dart or two when the tournament gets out of hand. 

Emdenerstr 2 

CharlottenbergThe Barn is looking for a runner and waffle maker at their Café Kranzler location on Ku’Damm. If you have experience in the gastro industry and a good understanding of English – lots of tourists pass through this area – then you might be in line for a gig. “Coffee promos” are a part of the job as well if you just cant bring yourself to hit up that good old jar of Nescafe Gold any more. 

Kurfürstendamm 22

Kreuzberg- Max & Murat, pizza shop across from Görli are looking for some peeps. They’ve been open for about a year and do catering as well as normal pizza shop work. Promise fair pay and opportunity either in the pizza shop or in the catering business or perhaps both? It seems like a relatively young operation so the corporate bureaucracy is probably no that big of hurdle.

Scaliger Str. 101


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