Kreuzberg Restaurant Opening- New Cocktail Bistro From Industry Standard Boss

October 23, 2017|Openings

Kreuzberg- Wagner Cocktail Bistro, (dare Mr. Eatler say) gastropub like joint under the knowing hands of Ramses Manneck, head honcho behind Industry Standard is nearing its opening date. There is an all star cast of characters behind the joint including Manneck’s partner, former head chef of Pierre Gagnaires Les Solistes, as well as some other local high end peeps.

Its what is known as umspannwerk, It’s basically a really chilled out bistro with dope cocktails at night.”

They’ve been running some soft events over the last couple of weeks and recently a picture of the joint has made its way to through the social media channels. Lets chalk this one up for the growing gastropub trend, the greatest trend we could have asked for. Opening date is scheduled for the second week of November.

Paul Lincke Ufer 22


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