Restaurant Openings Rundown- Pizza & Brew In Wilmersdorf

October 23, 2017|Openings

Openings rundown... it looks like we got to from Wilmersdorf, which might just mean some thing.. could it be that two is a trend? Perhaps, but on the other hand you couldn’t have two more opposite establishments opening up in the same hood, its a veritable pizza & brew of combinations. Here it goes:

WilmersdorfLudwig Con Brio, an Italian restaurant serving up homemade pasta, risotti and desserts, has opened up earlier last month on Ludwigkirchstrasse. Not much else is known about these guys, but it looks like they are getting some love at least from the home crowd on the regular review channels. Besides that the food looks pretty kickass. 

Ludwigkirchstraße 10

WilmersdorfStairs Bar, a perverse yet upscale looking joint is celebrating an official opening later this week though it looks as if they have been open for a few weeks. Better to have the old wheels greased and the machine in motion before taking it out for an official spin. Looks like high end cocktails and some eats as well. Moreover, for a profound change in the Berlin collective unconcious, they are requiring dressy attire. So, no hats? No sneakers? What could this mean. Congrtulations Stair Bar. Check out the event listing here.

Uhlandstraße 133


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