Kreuzberg Supper Club: Welcoming Back Popular Chef

October 21, 2017|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Clam Club No1, a supper/film club is holding its first event early next month and is  dedicated to great female film makers and chefs. This also marks a quasi return of the Dottir name on to the scene as Victoria Eliasdottir is the featured chef of the evening. Her restaurant Dottir closed its doors earlier this summer and though she has kept busy in the last months this is her most out right foray this fall. They will screen a film, eat, and have a talk. Men are welcome, but focus will be on women. Now, for the name… Perhaps Mr. Eatler’s mind is in the gutter, but Clam Club feels a bit on the nose… Mr. Eatler has been to plenty sausage parties… clam clubs seem like much more civilized notion… Check out the event here

Glogauer Str. 2


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