Sloth- One Of The Seven Deadly Sins Is Putting Grocery Stores On Notice

October 20, 2017|Gossip

The internets hath made a sloth of each and every one of us, and it is to no one’s surprise that it is affecting traditional industries right and left. But no where is it more harshly felt than at the grocery store.  Well, maybe at blockbuster, but grocery stores are a close second. Ergo, Rewe is looking to invest more than two billion euros this year to fight the machine.

Two Billion Euro is a lot of fucking dough, which serves to clarify that Rewe is feeling the heat indeed. Sing along!! “Amazon killed the grocery store.” But it’s not just online sites like Amazon that are a threat: Online food delivery services like Foodora and Deliveroo are also taking sales away. Rewe’s strategy: fresher products, more customer service, more regional products and in-house gastronomy options like sushi… (because don’t we all know that sushi is the undeliverable nectar)

Better service and better options are enticing, but when faced between putting on pants and leaving the house to buy groceries or laying in your ‘you-ness” and ordering a  pizza, let’s be real. Sloth will always prevail. Check out the link here.


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