Charlottenburg Restaurant Battle: Scandal Laden “Vegan God” Fights Back After Bad Write Up

October 20, 2017|Gossip

Charlottenburg– Attila Hildmann, Vegan Food joint over in the sleepy side street off of the busy Wilmersdorferstr. shopping strip has been the center of some scandal since it opened early this year. From pissing off “real” vegans, to holding a suicide spicy burger competition that put one competitor in the care of some emergency medical technicians, it seems Hildmann is yet again the center of controversy. The Tagespiegel gave his joint a brutal, and some might say an exaggeratedly negative bad review, and by “some” Mr. Eatler definiately means Hildmann who took to social media to blast the writer of the peace. Don’t take Mr. E’s word for it, read the full article here.

Here is Hildmann’s response, that placed a ban on the punitive writer and calls out some of their complaints as being overt bullshit, and generally disgusting, (apologies for the shitty translation):

Banned for the Tagesspiegel and the journalist Susanne Kippenberger-what a dirty crap article with so much untruth that my labbriger vegan “minced” Burger, which is prepared by my sweaty staff, yeah right up and I In front of the tagesspiegel building may throw up (maybe I’ll do it! . Disgusting to complain about “sweaty employees” who are looking for honest hard work in one of the most difficult economic sectors, the gastronomy… and not just sit down the ass and write about other people! I wonder how they would sweat when they spend 4 hours before the fryer, but nobody wants to see it! Mrs Kippenberger, I am really so sorry that my staff in a warm kitchen, where there are hot fryer and warm meals, are actually passing through them in their excellency majority, I am heartbroken. I’m sorry for you that you don’t find my mayo delicious and prefer the “natural product” with real eggs, and then shit on the fact that 50 million male chicks are gassed or gassed each year because they can’t lay eggs. The fact that this would be in violation of the animals would be worth an article, but it needs not only intelligence (in the case of reporters of your proposal hard detektierbar) but also compassion! Heartbroken I am that in a farm where labbrige yam fries are served, prepared in a fryer, it actually smells like oil, that’s a scandal! I hope you feel the smell in your currywurst place of confidence! That you didn’t like the matcha ice cream, it’s okay, but don’t put your words to other imaginary guests in the mouth because they’re afraid I’m gonna get them for slander. The more than 200 reviews on google speak another language: I’m glad I didn’t recognize you, otherwise I would have stuffed my french fries into your wannabe-Journalists-journalists and returned your dirty money with love. Besides, I’m proud of every sweat of my team! It greets you the vegan king, Attila the first! -Attila Hldmann, (translation via Facebook)

Here is the kicker, Bernd Matthies, another critic from Tagespiegel known to have particularly acerbic wit has recently commented on the situation eloquently saying:

Buhuuu! Jetzt hab ich auch Hausverbot beim Attila! Ein wutbürgerischer Wichtigtuer quatscht sich ins Abseits, der Knaller des Tages. #suppenhaft -Bernd Matthies

Which basically is to say, Boo Fuckin’ Hu… who needs your shop anyway… (not a literal translation) Is Hildmann the potential victim of a character assassination do to his provocative nature or are the complaints against him justified? Not for Mr. Eatler to say.


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