Job Search: Bakers And Latte Artists Need Apply

October 20, 2017|Gossip

On The Hunt! Mainly latte loveing coffee shops and bakeries these days, but undoubtedly there are some restos out there looking for a few good… Hit up the Tip Line and let Mr. Eatler know… Here is the rundown

Prenzlauer Berg (Neukölln?) – Schiller Backstube Love is looking for new employees for their Prenzlauer Berg location on Kastanienallee it seems, though it looks as if their Neukölln location is the one that is currently being re-opened… Nevertheless, they are looking for some peeps. The options are pretty open, with mini-jobs part time and full time options available. Tasks include selling baked goods and pastries, preparing coffee and tea, preparing “belegte Brtötchen,” baking frozen products etc… you know, working in a bakery. 

Kastanienallee 99B, or maybe in Neukölln?

NeuköllnHoly Coffee, a breakfast and brunch spot, will soon be opening on Sonnenallee. As such, they are looking for a barista between 18-40 years old who has experience in the gastro industry, barista basics, and a knowledge of latte art. Oh Latte Art, at once the most beloved and least appreciated art there is.  One would never hear a dilitant claim “my kid can do that” that is until we get a Jackson Pollack enthusiast Latte Artiste!  

Sonnenallee 132

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