Restaurant Closings: No Rest For The Wicked Grim Reaper

October 19, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown- The Wicked Closings Reaper gets no rest, We got one in Wilmersdorf, one in Mitte, one in Kreuz … Thanks for the Tip Line birds sitting on Mr. Eatler’s Antlers… 

Wilmersdorf- Cevabdzinica, a Serbian restaurant serving traditional Serbian cuisine on Uhlandstrasse, is pulling the plug and looking for someone new. This 158 square feet restaurant has an open kitchen and is newly furnished so you won’t be starting with a blank slate should you invest in this location.

Uhlandstrasse 137 

Mitte- Der Kaffeeladen at the Mall of Berlin LP12 is looking for it’s next tenant. The mall has faced its fair share of controversy over its short lifespan and with shops complaining of too little sales and expensive rent prices back in 2016, one has to wonder if Der Kaffeeladen is cutting bait? However, with not too much negative press in 2017, this place still might be worth looking into.

Leipziger Pl. 12

KreuzbergChinabox, a fast-food asian restaurant on Oranienstrasse with a surprisingly impressive interior, is closing up shop. For 3.500,00 €/NKM this 60 square meter imbiss located in a very heavily trafficked part of town could be yet another interesting outpost for White Trash, but considering they’ve been out of the game for the better part of the year, it might be time to say goodbye. 

Oranienstr. 177 

Thank you to the Tip Line and hit up Mr. Eatler with any news/gossip you got!

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