The Insta Rundown- What Are Your Favorite Restaurateurs Up To?

October 18, 2017|Gossip

The Insta Rundown, restaurateurs edition. They run around from joint to joint and kitchen to kitchen, but vanity has a hold of us by the throat, as we instagram our way into connectivity. Here is the rundown:

It appears as though Duc Ngo (@berlinheroes74) of Kuchi, Cocolo, and Ryotei 893 is currently in Tokyo. A peek on his instagram suggests that the chef is currently in the land of the rising sun for the 2017 Ōra King Awards in Japan and has wasted no time chowing down on a delicious japanese breakfast could he be moving on from Funky Fisch and onto something else? Is this a study trip for inspiration? Lets see.

Dalad Kambhu (@daladk) of @kindeeberlin recently shared a photo of herself with Marius Müller-Westernhagen as well as some passionate encouragement to other women on the importance of supporting your sisters.

And the last member of the restaurateur/chef roundup is Billy Wagner, @nobelhartundschmutzig outspoken and possibly anti globalist grammin’ from the VW forum convention and asking the question, what is better, Veggie vs. Omnivore? What is better indeed? Well, when at Nobelhart do as noble hearts do…

#clichebashing… Was ist besser vegetarisch oder doch konventionell? Wir plädieren dafür, dass man sich für gute Lebensmittel aus kleinbäuerlicher Landwirtschaft interessiert. FASS DEIN ESSEN EINFACH MAL WIEDER AN. Wenn man weiß, wie und wo sein Essen herkommt, isst man es weil man emotional berührt wird, bis auf das tiefste angeekelt ist. — #clichcebashing at What is better: A vegetarian or a conventional diet? We beg you to interest yourself in eating good food from small producers and farms. CONNECT WITH YOUR FOOD. If you know how and where tour food comes from you’ll eat at a deeply emotional level, which means you’ll also be disgusted with the current systems.

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Thats it for the roundup… stay tuned for your local restaurant gossip..

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