Job Search: Hard Rock, Coffee Shop, The Monkey Has Got To Eat!

October 18, 2017|Gossip

On The Hunt! Cuz we all gotta feed that monkey man! We got one in Mitte, and one in Charlottenburg…

Mitte- Primo Espresso GmbH, a German coffee chain out of München which currently has one Berlin-based location in Mitte on Caroline-Michaelis-Straße, is looking to up their team for a new location in Wedding. For their cafe in Wedding, Primo Espresso GmbH is looking to fill a barista position for 20 hours a week and are also looking for someone to work in the kitchen as they offer some more solid state cafe fair. 

Müllerstraße 1

Charlottenburg- It appears as though Hard Rock Cafe in Ku’damm is looking to fill more than just the hostess position shared on Eatler last week. HRC is looking for a Restaurant Operations Manager as well as a Sales & Marketing Manager. With a gimmicky concept that just doesn’t seem to take hold of customers like it used to, one has to wonder if the multiple job listings have less to do with filling positions in a growing company and more to do with keeping that monkey fed. That being said, the 90s are back and who doesn’t love a gimmick every now and then? Next up, Planet Hollywood, hold the Weinstein please. 

Kurfürstendamm 224


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