Berlin Restaurant News: Thai Park Faces Hygienic Challenges

October 18, 2017|Gossip

Wilmersdorf- Thai Park, an unofficial spot in Preussenpark, known as a staple for proper Thai food in Berlin, is under threat of closing. While there have been complaints from locals for quite some time now, the current issue seems to be that of hygienic and safety regulations. Oh hygiene, you old stinker.

What started out as the Thai community simply gathering in Preussenpark to meet and cook food, has since expanded into a full-blown food market. What jump-started the change? Passer-by’s who caught wind of the community preparing traditional food and naturally asked if they could purchase some. Farang, a German magazine about Thailand, has estimated  about 60,000 visitors visit the market every weekend.

But as with anything that gains popularity, Thai Park is now on everybody’s radar- including officials. These officials now claim that hygiene and safety regulations can no longer be ignored. While some are looking for a legal solution to the problem so that Thai Park can resume operations next year, others are more sceptical:

“You can’t legalise selling off the ground and using certain kinds of Asian cooking equipment. But if it’s done differently it’ll lose its flair,” said Heinrich. “And to do it all with business licences, hygiene (laws), tax numbers … That’s not so easy to do.” (quote from The Guardian)   

But the controversy surrounding Thai Park is more than just a hygiene issue. At the heart of this story is an immigrant population who found a way to come together and socialise within their own community here in Germany. Now their newfound tradition and unexpected economic success is potentially under threat. While there is no question that the sale of food must be done in a legal and hygienic way, one has to wonder why these apparent issues are only now being used as reasons for a possible shutdown after 10 years of operation… Rules and regulations? Red herrings anyone? But yeah citizens, lets keep it clean.

Check out the full article from Mr. Eatler’s secret journalistic crush, Barbara Woolsey, here.



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