The Yelpies!!!! Watch Out Yelp’s Favourite Naughty Child, The Pizza Chain We All Love To Hate On

October 17, 2017|Gossip

And for todays edition of The Yelpies we have a firey young scribe who is seemingly from the arid lands of the Las Vegas terroir, and the humour is pleasantly just as dry. We are all fortunate enough to share in his lovely situational deconstruction of the much maligned and conversely much beloved Vapianos. The first line is what really clinched for Mr. Eatler who knew he was in for a delightful review from the outset and who was had at hello. And now, in the abridged version, comes the Vapianos Yelpie from non other than Yelp’s own Greyson:

Do you enjoy freshly prepared Italian food but prefer to obtain it in the most annoying and inconvenient way possible?  Then Vapiano is for you!

Cool mixture of modern and wood look inside. Fairly dim lighting but that made for a nice ambiance and made it feel a bit upscale. You collect a plastic card when you enter on the first floor and use it when you order food on the second floor. Then you turn in the card and pay on your way out back on the first floor. We were there on a weeknight around 6pm, and it was packed with lines everywhere (see below).

If you are alone and only want one item (a pizza, pasta, or a salad) then their bizarre system won’t bother you too much. You will very likely wait 20-35 minutes either entirely in line (pasta or salad) or combined line and waiting for the food to be ready (pizza). They had a few ATM like kiosks to order which seemed like a good idea, but none of them worked. So you get in a line. A long line. There were lines for pizza, lines for pasta, and lines for salad. Want a salad and pasta?  Wait in two long lines… maybe eat your salad while you’re in line for the pasta?

-Greyson N. via Yelp

For the full review, check out Greyson’s page here


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