Morgenpost Confirms, People Don’t Want Careers As Waiters… Um… Duh

October 17, 2017|Gossip

According to a recent Berliner Morgenpost reports it now takes about three months on average to fill positions for cooks, waiters and waitresses. The main reason for this lack of skilled manpower comes down to a decrease of those with an “Ausbildung”, or apprenticeship in the industry.

Statistics confirm this: In August 226 apprentice spots in the Gastro-industry went unfilled. So who the hell is to blame? Apparently this all comes down to an image problem of an industry that is seen to come with shitty work conditions. It sounds like people just aren’t that into having to work weekends or build careers as waiters. 

While more and more companies are working with their employees to strike a better work-life balance, it appears as though industry has also been relying more and more not only on those who have changed careers but specifically foreign employees and refugees to fill the gap. At first glance, this seems like great news for refugees and ex-pats alike who don’t speak a lick of German but are looking for employment. That is, until one takes a closer look at how easily it would be to exploit said individuals. Fixing one problem by replacing it with another? That might not be the best way to handle the situation.  Check out the full article here.

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