Restaurant Closings: Neukölln, Kreuz & Schöneberg, This One Has A Silver Lining

October 17, 2017|Openings

We got two closings and one closing/re-opening, so there is at least a silver lining to all of this… Here goes:

Neukölln- Bullys Bakery, a cafe in Neukölln, has relocated and is reopening. The crew from Lugosi and Karloff on Reichenberger Strasse have taken over Bullys Bakery cafe from it’s previous owners Susan and Dani who have moved south. The crew at Lugosi and Karloff had spoken with Susan and Dani who were finding it difficult to keep Bullys Bakery going.  They decided to work out a plan so that Bully Bakery, one of their favourite cafes, could stay. Bullys Bakery is just a few weeks away from reopening. Oh, and Dani’s cake recipe still on the menu. Regulars of the previous Bullys Bakery, rejoice!

Previous address: Friedelstraße 7, New address not yet listed but Weserstraße is hash-tagged on the Instagram post.

Kreuzberg- Hakata, a sushi joint on Oranienstrasse and a neighbourhood sushi staple is closed. Hakata was infamous for its rude sushi chef who yelp reviews claimed was absolutely insufferable. In more recent times, Hakata had introduced a few other Japanese specialities to the menu like udon as well as some friendlier employees. One has to wonder if the changes were efforts to keep a failing business alive. Not much more is known about the exact why or the when but one has to wonder if the sushi chef’s attitude and house rules had something to do with it. Then again, if masochistic meal time is a thing like Berliner Zeitung critic claims it is, then it’s anyone’s guess as to why Hakata is no more.  This is all reminiscent of a certain Seinfeld episode, of which one must not speak its name. 

Oranienstr. 200 


SchönebergOsbili, a cafe on Gustav-Freytag-Straße which also doubles as a gallery and atelier, is looking someone to take the property off of their hands. The actual cafe takes up 27 square meters with the rest of the location being used as the gallery and atelier. No word if the entire property or just the cafe, which is completely outfitted, is up for grabs. But Mr. Eatler will keep his antlers to the ground.

Gustav-Freytag-Straße 5

you know who…


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