The Drive By!- Burgers, Arepas, And Sabich, Long Lost Cousins Of The Shawarma

October 17, 2017|Reviews

Here is this weeks Drive By, we got three hardcore players burnin’ the rubber but not the meat. This particular edition happens to feature three vendors all hawking Shawarma adjacent cuisine Here goes:

First up is Tapa Girl, rockin’ that old school industrial revolution era feel with a truck right off the model T line. Tapa Girl specialises in that old Berlin standby, the kickass burger and has been rolling around for about a year. They are available for booking but can be seen every once in a while in a smorgesburg like gathering across town. Check them out here.

Next up is El Carrito, Venezuelan Arepa truck winning love across town with their corn pita love. They can be found Every Sunday at Mauerpark from 9:00AM to 6:00PM.
Every second Thursday at Street Food Thursday @ Markthalle Neun from 5:00PM to 10:00PM. So keep a look out for the bandanad chick atop their Carrito. Check them out here

And last but not least, but a bit lesser if only volume is the food cart Reise Nach Jeruschalaim, an Israeli food cart usually found on the bank of the Spree that speicalises in Jerusalemite street food. Granted its not a food truck, but have a little faith, for even with the faith of a mustard seed, he can moveth mountains, so even a cart can make it to the promise land. Check them out here.

Thats it for today’s drive by, don’t blink or you’ll miss’em and let Mr. Eatler know about any other food trucks that need to be on the drive by.

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