Job Search: Lookin’ For That Gig, Junk Food, And Good Service

October 17, 2017|Gossip

Today’s edition of On The Hunt! features a lesser known junk food pizza chain, currently making American tooshies swell with pride…

Potsdamer Platz– Attention all homesick Americans in Berlin! Pizza Hut at the Mall of Berlin is looking for new employees! While it’s clear that Pizza Hut is not is not considered fine dining, nor is it looking for a hopeful chef with Michelin star dreams in his/her eyes, but let’s get real for a moment here. Everyone has their guilty pleasures in life, don’t be actin’ like yo’ shit don’t stank. So why not surround yourself with some junk, inevitably going to make its way to your trunk? Calories? What are those even?- Check it out here

Leipziger Pl. 12

And now for the more, shall we say, too cool for school edition of On The Hunt:

Berlin Schöneberg, Wilmersdorf und Prenzlauer Berg– Impala Coffee is looking for new employees to help at the counter for their locations in Schöneberg, Wilmersdorf and Prenzlauer Berg. If you are motivated and responsible, a team player, service oriented, and have a friendly demeanor with guests as well as colleagues, this is your time to show those folks at Impala Coffee your excellent customer service skills. Seriously. Please. Show. Them. Your. Excellent. Customer. Service. Skills. This city is majorly lacking in this department so Impala Coffee… nay, Berlin, needeth thee earnestly. Two last things: you will need to be able to speak English and previous experience in the gastro industry is desired but not necessary.  Check it out here.

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