Mitte- Joint Floats Itself Out There For AirBNB Style Events Rental

October 17, 2017|Gossip

Mitte–  Lust Bar on Torstrasse is just one of many gastronomy spaces renting out their “fläche” for events. In case the name wasn’t a tip off enough, Lust, besides being tied for first as Mr. Eatler favourite form of hedonism, is a joint with a welcoming interior that serves up an assortment of alcoholic-y goodness, perhaps acting as a sort of social lubricant, one might say.

Apparently renting out one’s existing space à la Airbnb is not just for renters in need of some extra cash. Seems like a decent side hustle and a smart way to ensure one’s space stays open for business. It also appears as though Go-PopUp is cashing in on the concept which appears to function EXACTLY as Airbnb. Wonder no one has thought of this sooner…

Torstrasse 225


© Lust Bar via Facebook

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