Restaurant Openings: Light Airy Trend Continues In Re-Upped Version Veteran Cafe

October 16, 2017|Openings

A short list of openings this Monday… Well, one opening this Monday.. If you know, let Mr. Eatler know. Prenzlauer BergBetty’n Caty 26, is the re-upped and re-located version of the the original Betty’n Caty cafe that had its first iteration a ways down the street. The joint is decked out in the light airy vein of Prenz cafe currently in vogue, though the new version is not far away from the original at all, so regulars need not worry. They have been in operation for close to four years and its a little bit unclear as to what had transpired and why they made the move, but the new joint seems to be a bigger and shiner version of the first. Betty’n Caty 26 serves up a dinner menu from Monday to Saturday as well as normal day time cafe fare. Congrats on the move Betty’n Caty.        

Knaackstraße 26

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