Berlin Restaurant Closings: Faster Food Slowly Slowly Closing Its Doors

October 16, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown in Prenz, Friedrichshain and Lichtenberg, mainly of the faster food genre… and oh, look out for Mr. Eatler’s favourite new dad joke… C’est La Vegan Motherfuckers. 

FriedrichshainPiano Piano Italian for little by little, located on Ebertystrasse is closing up shop. This typical late night food (or more specifically, pizza, pasta, burgers) and delivery joint is looking for a new renter. Piano Piano is made up of a little under 100 square meters, a bit over half for guests and has a room for a few tables out front. Word has it the location is free of competitors, so one can only assume there are no other late night fast food joints on this street. But could the lack of competition actually have been Piano Piano’s undoing? Live on or nearby Ebertystrasse, and have an idea, then hit up the tip line.

Ebertystr 52

Prenzlauerberg– It seems Vego Foodworld, which has been a vegan staple in Prenzlauer Berg for vegans is closing up shop. Word has it, the owner started the joint after parting ways with Yoyo FoodWorld due to irreconcilable differences. Although it’s had a very successful 8-year run, the owner is focused on other priorities within the food industry (pretty sure it’s his famous vegan chocolate) than running a vegan burger joint. Still one also has to wonder how much of Vego’s closing has to do with management or with economics… c’est la vegan…    

Lychenerstr 63

LichtenbergCurry Pfeiffer, a currywurst imbiss in a row of other fast food joints just outside of Ring Center 2, is closing it’s doors. It seems as though this location might be a bit of a tough one for business. If both NordSee, which was housed in this location prior to Curry Pfeiffer, and a currywurst joint can’t make it, than what can? Looks like prospective owners should have a chat with Subway and McDonalds who flank Curry Pfeiffer to get some business advice, like have a franchise sugar daddy perhaps.     

Frankfurter Allee 111

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