Restaurant Events Of The Week- Get Ready To Get Drunk…

October 16, 2017|Events

Looking for ways to fill your week up when not hitting the daily grind? From obscure food to lots and lots of alcohol, if you wanna get drunk, Mr. Eatler’s got you covered.  

Kreuzberg- Markthalle Neun is putting on the Georgien Spezial (German spelling of Georgian, yeah, we know) from October 19 until the 21st. You might be thinking, “Well that’s niche.” Yes, yes it is – but everyone knows how much Berliners love obscure things. And with 5.9K on Facebook interested and 856 planning to attend, it sounds like Georgia is a really happening entity right now. Check out the event here.

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

Mitte- Looking for a way to make it past humpday in a fancy schmancy Shakespearean way? Berlin Capital Club is hosting Falstaff Champagner Gala 2017 this Wednesday from 6:30pm until 9 pm. So if you feel like getting your champagne drinking game on you should definitely pop by. With more than 75 types of champagne, you are sure to leave feeling flushed, happy and ready to make it through the rest of the week. That is, unless you wake up with a hangover on Thursday… Check out the event here.

Mohrenstraße 30

Potsdam- That deep desire to escape the heavy burden of the Berlin Polis?  Then check out Weinmesse Potsdam. A C Ticket should get you to Berlin’s neighbouring city where you can enjoy around 150 types of wine from Tuesday until Wednesday. Who said drinking is just for weekends? Non alcoholics and social paradigms be damned. Check out the event here.

Schiffbauergasse 4A

Mitte- As part of Berlin Food Week, HERMANN’S Berlin is hosting a 12 course event all about mushrooms from the 19th until the 20th. No guys, literally – there is even pine ice cream on the menu topped with sweet tipsy mushrooms. Check out the event here.

Torstraße 116-118

The guy in the background…. hahhahaha

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