Berlin Food Week Lunching Tomorrow With Major Roster

October 13, 2017|Reviews

Berlin Food Week, which takes place from the 14th-the 21st, is kicking off tomorrow. Berlin Food Week is a unique food festival bringing together chefs, foodies, restaurateurs and just about anyone else from the food industry for a whole week. A major roster. Don’t speak a lick of German? Not to worry! For those looking for Berlin Food Week events in English, click here.

Here are a list of the main facebook events happening as part of Berlin Food Week:

(for a full list, click here)

This event is all about discovery, taste, cooking and enjoyment. Over 80 exhibitors and start ups will be presenting their products. There will also be 13 workshops with live baking and cooking. Be sure to get there by 10 in order to snag a newly interpreted version of the classic German Bauernfrühstück which will be served from 10 to 12.

Dates and Times: Oct 14 at 10 AM to Oct 15 at 9 PM

Address: Kaufhaus Jandorf, Brunnenstraße 19, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Food Week’s menu’s theme? “PilzParade,” or in English, Mushroom Parade. 70 restaurants are offering foodies the chance to get to know new gastronomies in the city by way of this fungus. For 19, 29, 49 or 79 euros, you can take part in the ‘shroom madness. Want to learn about participating establishments? Click here.

Dates and Times: 14-21 of October

Location: Varied – see the full program here

This event is all about good food and modern nutrition featuring companies, startups and brands and everything from functional food to kitchen appliances.

Dates and Time: Saturday, October 21 at 10 AM – 8 PM, Next Week · 9–15°Partly Cloudy

Location: Bikini Berlin, Budapester Straße 38 – 50, 10787 Berlin, Germany

The Food Clash Canteen will be bringing four nights of culinary fun. On the 17th, six women from top cuisines will be preparing a full menu with tastes from around the world. On the 18th, five influential cooks out of the pop-up restaurant, supper-club and street food market scenes will be whipping up a taste of future restaurant concepts in the form of a five-course menu. On the 19th, six cooks will be working with one key ingredient: beer. Finally, on the 20th, ten Berlin chefs will be putting out their new menus for sampling.    

Dates and Time: The evening of October 17-20

Address: Kaufhaus Jandorf, Brunnenstraße 19, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Love mushrooms? Then pop by for a four-course tasting menu at Bricole for 49€ including wine.

Dates and Time: Starting at 6pm on October 14 and going on throughout the whole week

Location: Bricole – Bar Hors d’œuvre, Senefelderstraße 30, 10437 Berlin, Germany

This event is all about being a platform for an exchange between professionals from the food industry. Gastronomers, manufactures, gasto startup founders, local businesses, catering companies, etc. will all benefit from attending.   

Dates and Time: October 16 at 12pm-5PM

Location: Kaufhaus Jandorf Brunnenstraße 19, 10119 Berlin, Germany

8greenbottles will have a booth on Saturday and Sunday at Kaufhaus Jandorf. Their stand will be all about wine and inspiration from  Juwel-Weine, Weingut Gästehaus Weigand, Collective Z, Zuschmann Schöfmann, Eschenhof Holzer,Weingut Pittnauer, #elescocesvolante and #juttaambrositsch.

Dates and time: Oct 14 starting at 10 AM and Oct 15 starting at 10 AM

Location: Kaufhaus Jandorf, Brunnenstraße 19, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Pop by for specialties from South America from coffee and cocoa to pepper and wine.

Dates and time: Oct 14 starting at 10 AM and Oct 15 starting at 10 AM

Location: Kaufhaus Jandorf, Brunnenstraße 19, 10119 Berlin, Germany

  • Plus dinners at the Miele Gallery featuring Data Kitchen, Zenkichi, Coda and more


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