Job Search: Looking For A Gig, These Places Are Looking For You

October 13, 2017|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Bekarei, a Portuguese and Greek bakery located in Prenzlauer Berg is looking for a full-time pastry chef. You may remember that a few months back there was some hullabaloo around and alleged smack down of an employee… Mr. Eatler can’t imagine that this could have anything to do with needing to restock workers, or could it? But without anyone confirming or denying the allegations as fact or the ramblings of a disgruntled employee, a gig is a gig. If you have training as a pastry cook and are flexible, a team player and motivated, then you just might want to apply.  

Dunckerstraße 23

Mitte– Earlier this week Father Carpenter, one of the most popular cafes in Mitte, was looking for a runner. Now they are looking to fill a full-time line cook position. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If contacted, you will be invited in for a meet and greet with managers and a chance to learn about the venue, our mission and your potential future. Sounds like perfect fodder for a reality tv show, Gordon Ramsay style.  

Münzstraße 21

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