Restaurant Closings: The Long March Continues, Damn You Friday The 13th

October 13, 2017|Openings

Oh its a long march to closure on this very unlucky Friday the 13th!!! Here it goes:

Charlottenburg- Basilico, a small Italian joint located close to shopping boulevard Ku’Damm, is no more. It appears as though Basilico, which offered a selection of authentic dishes and selected wines also had the regular steak, pizza and pasta that can give the impression of a poor menu. Which is maybe why they went belly up in December 2015. This was definitely a surprise for some, namely Groupon users who found themselves in front of a non-existent restaurant holding a useless coupon. Here’s to hoping these Groupon customers got their dough back, and not the pizza kind!   

Uhlandstraße 29

KreuzbergFilterhouse on Graefestraße, just a few minutes from Schönleinstraße U-bahn station, appears to be up for the taking. Little more is known as to why this cafe and bar, which serves up specialty coffee, handmade cakes and booze and has also been the home to dj sets, art exhibitions and other events in the past, is closing up shop. Any idea? Then hit up the tip Line!

Graefestraße 12

KreuzbergRily, a vegan burger joint, located on trendy Maybachufer, is throwing in the towel after what appears to be only a few months of operation. The place was just refurbished and will be handed over as is. A bit more info on the location: The strip at the Landwehrkanal has been up and coming for a few years. Trendy joints like Populus Coffee, Le Saint Amour and Brammibal’s Donuts have been popping up like hotcakes in this spot originally known for Sunday strolls at the Turkish market and eating Gözleme. Sounds like serious competition going on. It’s been said that competition stimulates business. Then again, it’s also been said that its better to have a bird in hand than two in the bush… not that one thing has to do with the other, but Rily is making a move. 

Maybachufer 8 

Kreuzberg- Hauptstadtburger, burger joint in the Oranienstrassen-area, is looking for an exit after a meager two months of operation. What should have been the second branch of a possible chain seems to falling apart at the, uh “links.” What could have possibly happened to cause Hauptstadtburger to float the joint? There was once a time where opening a burger joint was guaranteed success, but is it possible that Berlin has finally reached a saturation point for burgers? The next restaurateur will need a better idea for making dat monayz as well as 190K pocket change to secure the spot.

Adalbertstr 6 

NeuköllnRestaurant Jungfernmühle, a restaurant specializing in German cuisine and located in AN ACTUAL FUCKING WINDMILL shut down at the end of may. While the owner of the restaurant, which is located in the heart of Buckow in Neukölln, is looking for someone to take the property off of his hands, no price has been set. 10 second history lesson for you all: The windmill “Jungfernmühle” is one of the last two historic Dutch windmills in Berlin, which still stands at its original location. With modern Berlin as a backdrop, this is truly one surreal picture.

Goldammerstraße 34


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