Food Pornographers Insta Rundown- Chefs Edition

October 13, 2017|Gossip

For today’s insta-round up of Food Pornographers here are some of Berlin’s chefs and culinary newbies:

@volker_eichenhofer is actually an established fashion photographer, but has really dove head  first into cooking for the last 5 years. Fvonf has reported that this guy, who has run a food blog, periodic supper clubs and a bicycle lunch-delivery service called “Volksspeisung,” is now offering a weekly catering service called ve. Food. His instagram is made up of a mixture of fashion and food.

Markus Bongardt of @kombuesenfood is both a chef and food stylist and shares killer photos of his culinary escapades. Bongardt takes food styling to the next level with creative concepts like this fish dish prepared dj style. If you are interested in aesthetically pleasing photos of food that are also slightly quirky and dark, Bongardt is worth the follow. 

@joergbehrendberlin is a Berlin chef and foodie as well as a self-professed fish freak. It’s still a bit unclear as to how many of the meals he posted are prepared by him and how many are enjoyed by his refined taste buds, but a peak onto his Instagram will leave your mouth watering for more. 


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Christian Weber of @einfach_anders_essen, athlete and nutritionist, is above all, a vegan cook. It appears as though the cook from Stuttgart who has established Kontrastreich – a catering and cooking school that focuses on creative and environmentally-friendly vegan food – made his way to Berlin for a new job this summer with The Bowl. 

Thats it for todays insta rundown…


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