Weekend Restaurant Events Rundown- Vegans, Carnivores, & Arepas

October 13, 2017|Events

Weekend Events Follow Up! A lot of shit to do this weekend, you got something for everyone, the vegans and the carnivores and the arepa lovers as well. Here it goes:

October 14- In Mitte- On Saturday at 10 AM – 10 PM the Vegan Street Food Festival | Berlin will be taking place in Alexanderplatz again this year. If you are a fan of the vegan lifestyle, interested in learning about it, or simply appeasing your friends or lover who want/s you to come over to the non-flesh side, then stop by. There will be street food, workshops and lectures. For a full program, click here. Check out the event here

October 14– In Prenzlauer Berg- Satt & Glücklich will be hosting the All Day Arepa Breakfast this Saturday on Hufelandstr. What does 9,80€ per person get you? A big breakfast plate with arepas und different kinds of typical sides, like black beans, homemade cheese or vegan cashew cheese and more. Oh and for the less refined wondering what arepas are: arepas, traditional to Venezuela and Columbia, are round gluten-free pieces of flatbread made from corn and eaten with traditional sides like the ones mentioned above. Check out the event here

Hufelandstr. 3

October 15– In Kreuzkölln- Big Sur on Graefestraße will be hosting the Big Sur Sunday Roast. Not available this Sunday? No worries. From now on, every Sunday Big Sur will be hosting a roast. Big Sur has this to say about the regularly planned event: “Now you can start your day with a boozie Brunch, make it through the afternoon with our famously delicious drinks and smooth right into a heartwarming Roast dinner….possibly the best hangover cure in the city.” Urging guests to stay all freaking day sliding in from one meal time to the next seems like an interesting way to keep tables full and turn a solid profit. All-day dining? Could this just be the next big thing? Well if it is, we want copyright on the name. Check out the event here.

Graefestraße 11

October 14-21st- Berlin Food Week also starts this weekend. Be sure to read all about it here.

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