Restaurant Closings: The Sadness Continues, Prenze & Friedrichshain

October 12, 2017|Openings

Two closings on this sadness rundown… but such is life… here goes: 

Prenzlauer Berg- Opitergium, an italian restaurant and wine bar located on Hufelandstraße is up for grabs. Due to its location, Opitergium gets equal amount of passing trade and regulars. The listing comes not only with the 140 square meters that make up this joint, but the complete inventory and kitchen.  

Hufelandstraße 21


Friedrichshain- A curry joint is up for grabs on Neue Bahnhofstraße. Research shows this place to be Funky Food Factory Berlin. While signage remains of Funky Food Factory Berlin, the menu in the interior photos listed in the closing do look slightly different. No one is quite sure what this implies, but in any case, with just a 2 minute walk from Ostkreuz and decent traffic this location is sure to bring in a lot of customers – locals and tourists alike.

Neue Bahnhofstraße 26a 

It’ll be okay, don’t cry, switch over to the openings rundown to cheer up


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