Treptow Harbor’s Developing Food Mile Develops

October 12, 2017|DishLer

It looks like Treptower Harbor is doing a bit of a rebranding. The spot, which really hasn’t been on on the trendy radar is apparently trying to up their hipster cred by joining the foodie ranks. Although the harbor has never left it’s guests hungry, food stands along this strip were not specifically of the chic or offbeat variety. Treptower Harbor is trying to change that. has reported that in the first week of September the harbor opened up a new street food mile.

In an article written in August before its opening, Qiez reported that in contrast to the majority of Berliner street food markets, the Treptower Food-Meile would be open 365 days a year. Sounds like Treptower Harbor are going big, but will they already going home? A quick google search only turns up press pieces written before it’s alleged opening, and this is the first Eatler has heard about it as well. Have any news about the Treptower Street Food Meile? Hit up the Mr. Eatler Tip Line!

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