The Drive By- Carnivore’s Edition

October 11, 2017|Reviews

The Drive By. This carnivore’s edition, or in Mr. Eatler’s case, the useful edition… yes, Moose in nature are obviously herbivores, but the urbanization of this particular moose has created quite the unique specimen. Nevertheless The Drive By resumes and here it goes:

Pignut BBQ are all about BBQ á la Alabama style. The meat is been smoked for 20 hours over hickory wood, imparting a hearty a strong flavor to it. Who is talking about fast food? The spare ribs, pork shoulders and pulled pork sandwiches can be served with a a bunch of sides and a neat glass of bourbon. They recently opened up a rooted joint at KaDeWe and the word is that it was founded by a couple of opera singers… O Smoker Mio!!!

Hotzenplotz Burger lovers will find their type of meat patty here. Beef, lamb, pulled pork, boar or veggie- everything comes from a trusted source. And if you don’t want to be on the lookout for their truck, these guys offer their hearty burger creations as well at the Kantine a Berghain for if you want to munch while you rave.

Lekka Berlin focusses on original Berlin Currywurst. In addition they are serving a variety of homemade Berlin classics like Berliner Buletten, a type of meat patty, and potato and noodle salad. At least these guys have a heart for herbivores. The Currywurst is available as a tofu version… tofuwurst? Oh yeah.

In the mean while, avoid the road rage, have a taco and keep on drivin’


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