Closings Rundown- Bakery, Burgers & Bonus Listing…

October 11, 2017|Openings

Thankfully a short list of closings today, plus a bonus listing… here they go:

Charlottenburg- My Bakery located on Wilmersdorferstr. is yours for the taking! While not much more is known about this listing, this bakery, which is situated between a vietnamese restaurant and hair salon (at least for now), would make a pretty decent spot for a future cafe or restaurant. Modest outdoor seating area in front and a decent-sized interior with a big counter full of sandwiches and pastries. Also some indoor seating.

Wilmersdorfer Str. 41

Neukölln- Heat & Beat, a small joint offering a range of hefty burgers, is up for taking. After a little more than a year of slinging meat and veggie patties, the owners apparently decided to throw in the towel. The reasons are unknown. But Berlin Burger International, quite the popular burger joint is just around the corner. Not saying that this has something to do with it.  The hipster looking place can be taken over concept in tact.
Sonnenallee 67

Bonus, listing opportunity: 

Neukölln– A property on Karl-Marx-Straße is up for rent. The current owners are not listed, and the spot is vacant but suggestions for this sizable location (just a little over 200 square meters), which is located on one of Neukölln’s busiest streets, include gastronomy (amongst other things). Building a kitchen in this joint would be a big expense, but on the other hand, they’re open to it… 

Karl-Marx-Straße 202 

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