Three Joints That Are Killing The Wireless Game

October 10, 2017|Reviews

For those freelancers who don’t want to relegate themselves house arrest, this has to go on the record. Berlin has to up it’s wireless game. Granted, this is first world problem, but it’s one that prevents thousands of laptop jockeys who aren’t about that #hermitlife from getting work done. Cafes who have gone sans WLAN as a decided political stance are off the hook. Plus, Berlin! Where is the public wifi!? Must the internet dependent be relegated to scamper into the UBAHN, and hide beneath the earth like rats in order to upload that instagram post? Thankfully there are a few places who do seem to know how to work their router and deserve a mention.

Mitte- St Oberholz is THE home of the millennial freelancer with a penchant for MAC over PC. In fact, don’t show your face in here if you plan on bringing a dirty HP with you, lest you should get the stink eye. Mr. Eatler kids, but actually, not so much. St Oberholz boasts two locations: the original can be found on Rosenthaler platz, has two levels and has plenty of power strips snaking across the floor. Their second location can be found on Zehdenicker Straße. Recently they put forth a coperto and banned any and all outside food… um duh… don’t bring outside food into a cafe. Don’t be a sociopath. 

Rosenthaler Str. 72A

Mitte- Do you like being surrounded by the most chi-chi-foo-foo that the curated world has to offer? Healthy food with aesthetic emphasis sound pleasing? Fast internet and a decent amount of desk space? Then The Store Concept Store at Soho House is the place for you! Just be careful not to spill coffee on the designer merch or you will be crying all the way to the bank.

Torstr. 1 

Kreuzberg- Betahaus Cafe located at betahaus, has been getting some love on the vine as of late. Full of entrepreneurs and techies, which makes sense seeing as betahaus itself is a co-working space. Oh, and with an opening time of 8 am, this cafe is optimal for those overachieving, disgusting A-Types who don’t wake up at the crack of noon nursing a hangover. Yeah, A-Types, Mr. Eatler is callin’ you out… no jealousy, or nothing… what d’you think you’re better than us?!? 

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20


Followup: Also don’t forget The Castle like Mr. Eatler did… we have it on highest authority that you can hang out an work on the Wifi all day:

“The Castle has free wi-fi and ppl are welcome to bring food with them during the day since there is no food served there.”



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