Closings Rundown- Winter Hiatus & Goodbye Crepes

October 10, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown– Thankfully a skinny one today and one of the joints is not really even a closing, just a winter time hiatus.

Wilmersdorf- Zugspitze, an ice cream pop up store, is packing up for the summer and looking for someone to rent their space from November until March of next year. As with most ice cream shops here in Berlin, the space is not extremely large, but as they say in german – klein aber fein! And in any case, there is definitely enough space for someone with an inventive concept to do something with this joint for the next few months.

Uhlandstr. 168 

Friedrichshain- FRENC Handcrafted Goods, which serves up crepes, galettes, brunch and craft beer on Niederbarnimstraße, is closing up shop. The bistro is looking for a new renter immediately. The front of this space has a full window entrance and a small terrace big enough for about 15 guests. Niederbarnimstraße is also a pretty heavily trafficked street, so bet your bottom dollar that you will have decent passing trade.    

 Niederbarnimstraße 16



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