Political Gastronomy Makes For An Odd Bedfellow

October 10, 2017|Gossip

Those of you have been following Eatler for a while will know that Mr. Eatler believes that politics and food should be separated firmly. But when it comes to food regulation it is a difficult line to toe. It appears as though Berliners want to know where the hell the birds they eat come from. An article written by the Berliner Morgenpost has stated that a survey has proven consumers in Berlin want more transparency in the restaurant industry – specifically on the menus. 78% of those polled think it should be mandatory for restaurants to list which land their poultry has come from, 74% have claimed this information is more important than the price and a whopping 79% would be ready to pay more for birds born, bred and killed in Germany.

Others are not so amused. Ingrid Hartges, the chief executive of the DEHOGA-Bundesverband is of the opinion that “menus need to remain readable and should not turn into bureaucratic informational leaflets” and the consumer organization Foodwatch finds this request to be deceptive. Still with the german population in overwhelming support for more transparency, some measure will probably be done. Although these requests are most likely due to health standards and supporting local.

One can’t help but wonder what the AfD has to say about the overwhelming support for german birds over foreign birds. Will the AfD start promoting fascist food and claim to have the support of the people? Mr. Eatler wouldn’t put it past them – after all they have been known to do it before. The palpable irony, the hippie leaning Brutally Local contingent as an odd bedfellow of a nationalist movement. 


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