Openings- Its Alive!!! Frankenstein Joint, Plus: Mall Rat Trend???

October 10, 2017|Openings

Opening Rundown. Troubling trends are-a-brewing!! The Mall Rat Trend is growing with the East Side Mall gathering more and more restaurants. While in a parallel move, so is the Mercedes Platz complex… C’est la vie. However there is also a Frankenstein Joint in today’s rundown…

Mitte- Coffee Fellows, the Starbucks of Germany, is opening up a new branch next year in Berlin on Humboldthafen. With 240 square meters of space, this 141th-ish location is set to be a pretty big one. This is great news for those credit card slinging coffee lovers who aren’t fans of small, crowded hipster cafes.

Humboldthafen 3-4

And for today’s Mall Rat Edition: FriedrichshainImmergruen will be opening a new location at the East Side mall in Friedrichshain at the end of 2018. In case you haven’t already noticed these green and pink stands in other shopping centers, here is a bit of info on the chain: Immergruen opened its first “restaurant” in 2005 in Berlin. By 2015, Immergrun had 70 locations as well as a concept for delivery. Immergruen offers healthy smoothies as well as sandwiches and wraps. For a fast-food chain joint, it seems moderately “kosher”… not the Jewish kind of kosher, the “its cool” kind of kosher.  

(Curious about more mall openings? Check out our post from last week)


Friedrichshain- dean&david is just one of many franchises opening up a location at Mercedes Platz  dean&david, whose motto is “fresh to eat,” is a franchise that specializes in organic food. Their planned location at Mercedes Platz is set to open in the second half of 2018 and will be filling up an impressive 90 square meters. BTW, is the Mercedes Platz a Mall Rat Trend in disguise? 

Mercedes Platz

Mitte- Cappuccino grand cafe, located on Tucholskystr. is joining the ranks of Berlin restaurants risen from the dead with its reopening this past Friday. Cappuccino grand cafe, a part of the Petrocelli group, was closed for 5 months. The joint, which serves up breakfast, lunch, drinks and coffee, is all about espresso and the italian way of life. Mysterious closing and reopening aside, the bigger question is this: for a place obsessed with espresso, why does cappuccino get to be in the name? For a while Mr. Eatler thought this place was done for… but this just may be the all too rare Frankenstein Joint!!!

Tucholskystr 36 



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