Closings Rundown- Frenchies, Italo/Polish On The Docket

October 9, 2017|Openings

Closings Rundown, the Frenchies, and the Italo/Polish are sadly on the hangman’s docket today….

Steglitz- Epicerie Bon Appetit, a small French delicatessen located close to bustling Albrechtstrasse, is up for taking. Offering up fresh authentic lunch dishes daily and boasting a beautiful backyard garden perfect for wine lovers, this joint claims to be a piece of France in Berlin and the first stop for all friends of the French way of life. Unfortunately for Epicerie Bon Appetit, whether due to location issues, ambivalence towards the French and their cuisine or some other Je ne sais quoi, this “piece of France” will soon be just plain old Germany again. The amount of money this location is going for is yet to be determined.    

Steglitzer Damm 26

Reinickendorf- Pizza&Gusto, a family run Italian Kiezjoint off the beaten track is up for grabs. Fun fact: Although the cuisine at Pizza&Gusto is of the typical Italian variety, it appears as though the owner is of Polish descent, as the description of their business on Facebook is written in Polish. Pizza&Gusto is sadly closing as the owner is dealing with health issues. Eatler wishes him only the best. 

Oranienburger Str. 257


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