Events Of The Week- Booze, Booze, Vegan, & Curry…

October 9, 2017|Events

Events Of The Week, true to Berlin fashion, we’ve got plenty of booze, and some curry, but not the kind of curry your thinking of. Not that curry-wurst, but the real deal, Indian curry. Here they are, the events of the week.

In Kreuzberg- Bar Convent Berlin 2017, the 11th International bar and beverage trade show,  is taking place from October 10th-11th at Station Berlin, gathering the who’s who and connoisseurs of the industry from around the globe. Distinguished experts, mixologists, baristas, sommeliers and coffee roasters will be holding lectures and sharing their knowledge. Röststätte will also be inviting guests to tasting sessions. Want to impress that mustachioed snob of a local barista who drips coffee slower than Mr. Eatler’s grandma’s mile time?Then be sure to check out the brand-spanking new gadgets for preparing the best damned coffee possible. Check out the event here.

In Neukölln- The MIXOLOGY BAR AWARDS 2018 hosted by Mixology – Magazine of Bar Culture, will be taking place today at 6 PM – 12:30 AM at Estrel Berlin on Sonnenallee. This event it so big, we’ve given it its own post. Check out the event here.

Sonnenallee 225

In Kreuzberg- From November 11-12, Heldenmarkt & VeggieWorld Berlin 2017 will be taking place at STATION Berlin. This event is all about sustainability and a vegan way of life. But do not fear doubting carnivores- although there are bound to be a few self-righteous hemp adorning hippies ranting “meat is murder,” this event is less about being the perfect leaf-eating environmentalist and more about learning how to make small steps towards living a more intentional life with a focus on the future. Check out the event here.

Luckenwalder Str. 4 – 6, 

In Neukölln- Homesick brits and lovers of Indian food alike, take note! This Friday, The Manchester Curry Mile will be taking place at CBS Kitchen & Shop on Weser Straße. Enjoy classic British-Indian specialities from Chicken Tikka Masala, to Onion Bhajis and Papadams with Mango Chutney. Check out the event here.

Weser Straße 168

Thats it for the events of the week, check in later this week for weekend events.

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